Disneyland Paris 2017 

Ello, ello! 

First blog of the year and I’m going to write a review on Disneyland Paris.

As I write this blog, I am laying in bed in the Santa Fe hotel in Disneyland Paris. 

I came here on the 2nd of March, ready to celebrate my 24th birthday on the 3rd of March! Seeing as I’ve been here for the past 3 days, I thought I’d give my thoughts on the entirety of my trip ☺️. 

Let’s start with getting here: I took the megabus from Cardiff and then the Eurostar from London. What a nightmare! I left Cardiff on the 3:45am megabus, this did not arrive until 4:05am which is 20 minutes behind schedule. With the arrival time in mind (7:15am), I should now be arriving at around 7:35am and the Eurostar leaves at 8:55am, with a 9 minute tube journey this should be no problem at all! Anyway, I fell asleep on the coach up and woke up around 6:45am, so the first thing I did was check Google Maps to see how long we had left (should have been around 45 minutes), but I actually have 1 hour and 30 minutes until I arrive at Victoria coach station, perfect time to PANIC! 

But I don’t panic, I just wait, until 8 o’clock and realise I’m still on the megabus just arriving into London off the M4 and check-in closes in 30 minutes. Safe to say, I’m not going to make it. So I call the Eurostar and because I booked with Disney there is nothing they can do, so I call Disney, but they don’t open until 9am, brilliant news 😒! So I call Eurostar back and they advise that I can go to the help desk as London and pay £30 to exchange for a later train. this works and I get a new ticket for £30 and I am on my way to Paris. To think it’s only 9am, what a bloody morning! 

After a 3 hour train journey and 1 hour RER train, I am now at Disneyland Paris with my luggage on it’s way to the hotel, whilst I’m on my way to the park! 

I now have my park ticket: 

After going through security and scanning my ticket, I am now on Main Street. It’s smells of candy floss and popcorn, yes, Disney has a scent! 

As I entered Main Street I can see shops, shops and more shops, so yes you’re right, I went shopping! Before getting here, I knew I wanted everything Rapunzel themed for me and everything Star Wars themed for my boyfriend. After the first day, I had nothing with rapunzel on it *pulls sad face* and about 5 Star Wars gifts *thinking of the smile on my boyfriend’s face*. 

If you love Star Wars, they have the COOLEST stuff! You can build your own Droid for €10.99 (I’ve built 2), you can build your own lightsaber which is €29.99 for a single saber, they also have socks, underwear, clothes, toys, pens and so much more! Oh and also a Darth Vadar Mr Potato head. 

Whilst we’re talking about merchandise, let’s talk about Disney pins: I am extremely disappointed with the lack of Disney pins for sale, you will find one revolving stand in each shop and each shop has the same pins. I searched the whole of Disneyland Paris for a Rapunzel pin and couldn’t find one, then I go to the shop in the hotel and find 3! So it looks like the hotel shop is more Rapunzel friendly than the whole of Disneyland, bit random considering my hotel is Cars themed.

Let’s talk about the Santa Fe hotel: Like I mentioned, it’s Cars themed. I have traffic cones for lights on my wall and also a traffic cone lamp, I have Cars bedding and Cars wallpaper. As part of my package I only had breakfast included and to be honest, it’s not that great. They offer cereal, toast, croissants and a selection of different hams, but that’s about it. You have to put the toast in twice because the toaster doesn’t do it’s job properly, which is a bit annoying when you’re in a queue for the toaster. I’ve eaten 2 slices of toast and a croissant every day, so I wouldn’t rate the breakfast. It’s also only a 3 minute bus journey away from the park or a 10 minute walk. 

Now for an overall review: 

Disneyland Paris as a park, is amazing! The food and drinks are expensive, around €15.00 for hot dog and drink. The range of merchandise is outstanding (apart from the pins). The characters look amazing. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. The free bus services from park to hotels and hotels to park really comes in handy. The Disney Village is PHENOMENAL, it has the best Disney store, Lego shop, sports bar, Starbucks and McDonald’s! It’s also open until midnight every night and has tons of entertainment and food places to keep you going after the park has closed. The longest wait for a ride was a 120 minutes and this was Friday afternoon. 

I would highly recommend this trip to any Disney fan, but would recommend taking enough spending money and making sure you’re prepared for wet weather! I was lucky to get two dry days, but ended up getting fed up in the park whilst it was raining today. If you hate waiting ages for rides, you can take full advantage of being able to enter the park 2 hours before it opens at 10am, you can also wait until the main parade at 5:30pm and you will also find shorter queues just before the Disney Dreams start before the park closes! 

My next adventure will definitely be Walt Disney World in Florida and then my ultimate dream would have come true, but for now, here are some photos of my trip: 

Thanks for reading 🖤 


New Hobby 

I have found a new hobby! 

Now, I only started yesterday and I’ve only made one – for my Nan 😊!

I am now making custom hand-made box frames. All frames are made to order and will be £20 each. 

I have so much fun doing arts & crafts stuff and it will give me something to do on my days off! 

Check out my page below 😘 New designs will be uploaded very soon, got 3 to make next week! 

Thanks guys


Hola people!

I hope you’re all good 🙂

Yes, Dora the explorer was off on a little trip again. This time, Dublin ❤️ & what a trip it was!

Now, for anyone who knows me, they know that I am utterly obsessed with Chris Brown and I am quite proud of my arrest worthy obsession ;)!

After 12 long years, I finally got to witness his beauty only a few metres away! I honestly couldn’t have wished for a more amazing experience, it was out of this world ❤️ His singing, dancing, face, sweaty body and everything else that came with it!


I honestly didn’t think I could love him more than I did before that night, but oh my, I really do!


Now, when I booked this trip I knew I was going to do anything to be as close to that stage as possible, so I set to leave the hotel around 6am to queue. I had it in my head that there would be people queuing overnight (I know I would if I lived in Dublin) but I ended up snoozing my alarm for way too long and not waking up until 10am, at this point I was freaking out!

Me and my sister were rushing around like 2 mad women to get to the arena as soon as possible, whilst also dreading the humongous queue!

We finally arrived around 12pm and this is how many people were in front of us…


That was it! Around 15 people and it was this moment that I knew I was getting in smelling distance of Chris Brown 😁! I was the happiest person alive at this point!


The 6 and 1/2 hour wait was actually bearable and thankfully they had a Starbucks right across the road! A caramel macchiato was a life saver!

I still can’t get over the fact that I was in touching distance, no one will ever understand what this whole experience meant to me.


I had the best couple of days of my entire life and I can’t thank him enough for being even more perfect in person.

As soon as he tours again, I am off to Amsterdam and I WILL do meet & greet because I have to touch his face or lick it, either way 😛.

Thank you Dublin for allowing him in the country and allowing my dream to come true.

Thanks for reading ❤️



The Bunker, Friday Night, amazing company, the best music = The only way a Friday should be! 

One of the best nights out I’ve had in a long time and I can’t wait to do it all again next weekend!

Paramore, You Me At Six, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy and High School Musical, what more could you want! 

I was literally loving life! 

Going to do it all again next Friday :-)! See you then, Bunker. 


Hey hey hey! 

So, Dora the Explorer went on a little trip to Bath Spa yesterday and what a lovely little trip it was! 

My main reason for visiting Bath was for afternoon tea with a friend, we visited the Pump Room and it was uh-mazing! A bit posh, they had a pianist and everyone was wearing waistcoats and then there was me… Jeans, top, shoes, shaved head and piercings (looking well out of place, of course)! 

I had never visited Bath before and I got to say, I fell in love as soon as I stepped off the train! It is such a beautiful little place and I highly recommend a visit if you’ve never been before :-).

We took a stroll around all the shops and went to look at the Cathedral, weather was lovely which is always a bonus! 

I looked like a typical tourist with my backpack and GoPro, taking photos with all the other tourists. I have added my photos below, feel free to have a nose :-)! 

If you are interested in going for afternoon tea, it cost £22.50 per person at the Pump House. You get sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, macaroons, cakes and more. Not to forget, a lush cuppa (a nice cup of tea, if you have no idea what that means). 


Good afternoon everybody,

First I would like to thank everyone who has been viewing my blogs the past couple of weeks and I would also like to apologise for my inexcusable lack of blogging… The days just seem to run away from me lately but i’m back.

Just under a week ago I was standing outside Odeon Cinemas with The Jungle Book ticket in one hand, phone in the other impatiently clock watching whilst I waited for my cinema buddy to arrive.

We grabbed Nachos covered in cheese & salsa, Sweet Popcorn (eww, gross) and a mixed Tango Ice Blast which is possibly the best iced crystal drink ever made and then hopped, skipped and jumped to Screen 12 with the excitement of a child at a bouncy castle party.

From the opening scene of young Mowgli racing through the jungle in the company of his wolf family and his feline guardian, the black panther Bagheera, through its comic setpieces with the layabout, honey loving Baloo the Bear and its sinister interludes with the hypnotic anaconda Kaa, the despot orangutan King Louie and the scarred Bengal tiger Shere Khan, the movie takes you on an emotional but continuously gripping journey.

Jon Favreau brings phenomenal CGI and a rare remake which is shot so beautifully, and has a stunning sense of wonder within the world created. He has truly rescued this classic story and renovated it in every way possible.

There simply couldn’t of been a better cast for this outstanding movie, every single character was played amazingly well with Sethi and Idris stealing the show in my opinion.

Walt Disney Pictures has done it again! A major well done.

The only thing that was slightly annoying, was a young boy with flashing trainers that seemed to have helicopter lights attached to them and he was running around in my peripheral vision for a good 10 minutes! 

But definitely a 5 star 🙂

Thank you for reading. Go and watch if you haven’t already, you will not be disappointed but please be aware of the flashing trainer… Dun dun dun


So, 3 weeks ago today I fell in love with another form of art that I had never really thought of doing myself, before now.

I fell in love with henna. 

I had always found henna beautiful, but it’s not until you get the privilege of watching someone do it, that you truly appreciate it! 

I was lucky enough to be in work on the day that a girl from my work place (she is SO talented at henna) was taking out the time to do pieces on the staff. I, of course got one done and this is where my love started ❤️. 

I started looking up henna courses, prices of henna and if there was any local stores in my area that sold ready-made henna (unfortunately there’s not), so online had to do and I ordered Ash Kumars ready-made cones. Tonight was the first night I used my sister as a gineau pig to do my first henna, here is the final piece: 

Needless to say that’s it’s not perfect but I am really pleased considering its my first time and my sister must be nuts for allowing me to stain her skin because this  could of gone horribly wrong! I definitely want to practice more, so I guess I’d better speak nicely to my friends (*cough* if any of you read this, then I’m coming for you and your not so stained skin😉).

If anyone reading this is interested then look it up and just start practicing because not only does it look facsinating but it is quite therapeutic, if I do say so myself. 

Thanks for reading! X 

“Originality Shapes Your Destiny”


I have been lucky enough to go on quite a few holidays in my 23 years of living but Egypt is by the far the best week I’ve spent in another country.

I went in September 15′ and it hit 40 degrees a few days we were there, I don’t think it dropped below 30°, even overnight (I was built for the heat so I was loving life lobstering it up)!

I stayed at the Coral Sea Water World hotel in Sharm. I can’t think of anything to complain about, the staff were outstanding and treated you like royalty, the food was amazing and had a different theme for each day of the week. Oh, talking about food I do actually have something to complain about because.. THEY MADE CALAMARI LOOK LIKE ONION RINGS, why would they do that to someone :O! I was not amused to say the least.

As soon as the holiday was booked I was adamant that I was going snorkelling, if there was a slight chance of being able to swim with a turtle then I was taking it! So I did, I got there and a couple of days in to the holiday my snorkelling was booked and I was going 2 days later, on my own because my family are scared of fish being around their feet but I am a Pisces so I am the fish ;).

It was a 40 minute coach trip to the boat harbour, we had a brief about all the dangerous fish and sharks that we could encounter and off we went in our goggles and flippers! We stopped at 3 different reefs and spent around 45 minutes at each. It was quite possibly one of the best experiences of my life, I got to swim with Nemo and Dory (don’t worry guys, they are doing fine and Dory can’t wait for you to all watch her new movie this year)! So at 3 different reefs, 100’s of types of fish and even a manta-ray I unfortunately didn’t get to meet Crush (Turtle in Finding Nemo) :(. I suppose it just gives me another reason to book another holiday!

As much as it saddens me with all that has gone on over there the past couple of months, I would still highly recommend to anyone who loves the sun and swimming in the sea which is the same warmth as a hot bath, to go when the time is right because it really is an amazing holiday and I wouldn’t want stupid people to ruin a beautiful country’s reputation and that goes to every single place in the World that is going through the worst experience possible. Be positive and stay safe. Sending as many positive vibes to each and every one of you.

So yeah, thank you for reading 🙂




Ahmed – Couldn’t of asked for a better waiter ❤




My second blog, this is getting way too serious..

Starbucks, what even is Starbucks? To some of you it might be considered one of the largest coffee shop chains in the world, some might say it is THE best coffee shop in the world, to me it’s the best way to start your day when you’ve just dragged yourself out of bed for work. A caramel latte always seems like a genius idea at 7am.

I went through a phase in my life where I was pretty obsessed with a caramel frappuccino, to the point where I’d take a 25 minute train journey into the City Centre just to buy one. I do completely understand how weird I am at times but even I look back and think why, Chanine? Just why?

This blog is not only about Starbucks but my experiences at Starbucks because I have had some fun whilst I’m there ;). Now, as I’ve mentioned my name is Chanine and if I had to spell it how it sounds then it would look like Shaneen. I completely understand that Chanine is quite an unusual name and I know people who I’ve met do find it pretty difficult to spell, especially staff at Starbucks who briefly hear it over the counter and have to start writing it on your cup!

I know as soon as I say my name and their pen hits the cup, there is a slight moment where they must think ‘Oh, jeez’! Not only because they are worried of spelling it wrong but because the person at the end of the coffee making line has to shout out what they’ve just wrote. You do get the very few who pause and ask how to spell it, but I do love when they give it a go themselves and I have managed to gather a few photos of the different spellings I have received (I posted them below).

To this day I haven’t received a cup that has my name spelt correctly, apart from the times when I’ve spelt it for them of course. I think I will be pretty devastated the day I do because I love my little collection and it really does make me giggle :).

Hope you had a good read and thank you for your time!












So, this is my first blog, as captioned I suppose.

I guess I should start with writing a bit about myself, I will bullet point some facts.

  • I live in Wales
  • I’m 23 years young
  • My dream is to be an Astronaut (I will elaborate on this)
  • I am obsessed with Space (hence the Astronaut dream)^^
  • Lego is a hobby of mine
  • I work for Disney
  • Lastly, I love gaming.

Yeah, so I am currently living the life of a normal 23 year old. I work, socialise (when I can be bothered), work some more and sleep. Exciting life aye! I guess it might be exciting for some people but living with a dream to leave Earth and set up camp on Mars, my life is pretty darn boring to me! Now, some of you might say that I am dreaming way too big and some might say ‘Hey! Go for it’.. That is exactly what I am doing.

Some of you might not know this but to become an Astronaut you need a degree in a STEM field, 3 years experience in that field and the ability to pass a NASA Astronaut physical. I see achievable written all over this! As long as you have passion and determination you can totally achieve anything.

Now, I only have GCSE grades and a college degree in Aeronautical Engineering at Level 2 under my belt. This is definitely not getting me to NASA but a year in college studying an Access in to Higher Education will get me started. I start this course in September and I will study Health Science and Maths, once I pass that year I am off to Uni to study Aeronautical Engineering for 4 years!

As much as NASA is my ultimate goal, it’s not the be all and end all. I would be quite happy travelling the world, building/fixing aircraft engines. As long as I can make Aeronautical Engineering my profession in some form, I will consider my career perfect!

I guess this is why I wanted to start blogging in the first place, as I wanted to reach out to anyone who has a dream that is considered ‘Out-There’, especially girls with dreams like mine. Girls are not considered to be interested in certain types of jobs, I mean you don’t hear many girls say ‘Hey, my dream is to be an Astronaut and live on Mars’ but all I want to say is if you want to do something in life, then DO IT!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Sorry it’s not great but I am hoping to improve as my blogs go on! There will be more blogs on my other hobbies, such as Lego and Gaming (It will be PS4 related). I will also be writing about my views on pretty much everything and anything that comes to mind.

Feel free to leave a comment and this is me, with Butterbeer 😉

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