So, this is my first blog, as captioned I suppose.

I guess I should start with writing a bit about myself, I will bullet point some facts.

  • I live in Wales
  • I’m 23 years young
  • My dream is to be an Astronaut (I will elaborate on this)
  • I am obsessed with Space (hence the Astronaut dream)^^
  • Lego is a hobby of mine
  • I work for Disney
  • Lastly, I love gaming.

Yeah, so I am currently living the life of a normal 23 year old. I work, socialise (when I can be bothered), work some more and sleep. Exciting life aye! I guess it might be exciting for some people but living with a dream to leave Earth and set up camp on Mars, my life is pretty darn boring to me! Now, some of you might say that I am dreaming way too big and some might say ‘Hey! Go for it’.. That is exactly what I am doing.

Some of you might not know this but to become an Astronaut you need a degree in a STEM field, 3 years experience in that field and the ability to pass a NASA Astronaut physical. I see achievable written all over this! As long as you have passion and determination you can totally achieve anything.

Now, I only have GCSE grades and a college degree in Aeronautical Engineering at Level 2 under my belt. This is definitely not getting me to NASA but a year in college studying an Access in to Higher Education will get me started. I start this course in September and I will study Health Science and Maths, once I pass that year I am off to Uni to study Aeronautical Engineering for 4 years!

As much as NASA is my ultimate goal, it’s not the be all and end all. I would be quite happy travelling the world, building/fixing aircraft engines. As long as I can make Aeronautical Engineering my profession in some form, I will consider my career perfect!

I guess this is why I wanted to start blogging in the first place, as I wanted to reach out to anyone who has a dream that is considered ‘Out-There’, especially girls with dreams like mine. Girls are not considered to be interested in certain types of jobs, I mean you don’t hear many girls say ‘Hey, my dream is to be an Astronaut and live on Mars’ but all I want to say is if you want to do something in life, then DO IT!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Sorry it’s not great but I am hoping to improve as my blogs go on! There will be more blogs on my other hobbies, such as Lego and Gaming (It will be PS4 related). I will also be writing about my views on pretty much everything and anything that comes to mind.

Feel free to leave a comment and this is me, with Butterbeer 😉

Harry Potter




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