My second blog, this is getting way too serious..

Starbucks, what even is Starbucks? To some of you it might be considered one of the largest coffee shop chains in the world, some might say it is THE best coffee shop in the world, to me it’s the best way to start your day when you’ve just dragged yourself out of bed for work. A caramel latte always seems like a genius idea at 7am.

I went through a phase in my life where I was pretty obsessed with a caramel frappuccino, to the point where I’d take a 25 minute train journey into the City Centre just to buy one. I do completely understand how weird I am at times but even I look back and think why, Chanine? Just why?

This blog is not only about Starbucks but my experiences at Starbucks because I have had some fun whilst I’m there ;). Now, as I’ve mentioned my name is Chanine and if I had to spell it how it sounds then it would look like Shaneen. I completely understand that Chanine is quite an unusual name and I know people who I’ve met do find it pretty difficult to spell, especially staff at Starbucks who briefly hear it over the counter and have to start writing it on your cup!

I know as soon as I say my name and their pen hits the cup, there is a slight moment where they must think ‘Oh, jeez’! Not only because they are worried of spelling it wrong but because the person at the end of the coffee making line has to shout out what they’ve just wrote. You do get the very few who pause and ask how to spell it, but I do love when they give it a go themselves and I have managed to gather a few photos of the different spellings I have received (I posted them below).

To this day I haven’t received a cup that has my name spelt correctly, apart from the times when I’ve spelt it for them of course. I think I will be pretty devastated the day I do because I love my little collection and it really does make me giggle :).

Hope you had a good read and thank you for your time!












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