So, 3 weeks ago today I fell in love with another form of art that I had never really thought of doing myself, before now.

I fell in love with henna. 

I had always found henna beautiful, but it’s not until you get the privilege of watching someone do it, that you truly appreciate it! 

I was lucky enough to be in work on the day that a girl from my work place (she is SO talented at henna) was taking out the time to do pieces on the staff. I, of course got one done and this is where my love started ❤️. 

I started looking up henna courses, prices of henna and if there was any local stores in my area that sold ready-made henna (unfortunately there’s not), so online had to do and I ordered Ash Kumars ready-made cones. Tonight was the first night I used my sister as a gineau pig to do my first henna, here is the final piece: 

Needless to say that’s it’s not perfect but I am really pleased considering its my first time and my sister must be nuts for allowing me to stain her skin because this  could of gone horribly wrong! I definitely want to practice more, so I guess I’d better speak nicely to my friends (*cough* if any of you read this, then I’m coming for you and your not so stained skin😉).

If anyone reading this is interested then look it up and just start practicing because not only does it look facsinating but it is quite therapeutic, if I do say so myself. 

Thanks for reading! X 

“Originality Shapes Your Destiny”


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