Good afternoon everybody,

First I would like to thank everyone who has been viewing my blogs the past couple of weeks and I would also like to apologise for my inexcusable lack of blogging… The days just seem to run away from me lately but i’m back.

Just under a week ago I was standing outside Odeon Cinemas with The Jungle Book ticket in one hand, phone in the other impatiently clock watching whilst I waited for my cinema buddy to arrive.

We grabbed Nachos covered in cheese & salsa, Sweet Popcorn (eww, gross) and a mixed Tango Ice Blast which is possibly the best iced crystal drink ever made and then hopped, skipped and jumped to Screen 12 with the excitement of a child at a bouncy castle party.

From the opening scene of young Mowgli racing through the jungle in the company of his wolf family and his feline guardian, the black panther Bagheera, through its comic setpieces with the layabout, honey loving Baloo the Bear and its sinister interludes with the hypnotic anaconda Kaa, the despot orangutan King Louie and the scarred Bengal tiger Shere Khan, the movie takes you on an emotional but continuously gripping journey.

Jon Favreau brings phenomenal CGI and a rare remake which is shot so beautifully, and has a stunning sense of wonder within the world created. He has truly rescued this classic story and renovated it in every way possible.

There simply couldn’t of been a better cast for this outstanding movie, every single character was played amazingly well with Sethi and Idris stealing the show in my opinion.

Walt Disney Pictures has done it again! A major well done.

The only thing that was slightly annoying, was a young boy with flashing trainers that seemed to have helicopter lights attached to them and he was running around in my peripheral vision for a good 10 minutes! 

But definitely a 5 star 🙂

Thank you for reading. Go and watch if you haven’t already, you will not be disappointed but please be aware of the flashing trainer… Dun dun dun


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