Disneyland Paris 2017 

Ello, ello! 

First blog of the year and I’m going to write a review on Disneyland Paris.

As I write this blog, I am laying in bed in the Santa Fe hotel in Disneyland Paris. 

I came here on the 2nd of March, ready to celebrate my 24th birthday on the 3rd of March! Seeing as I’ve been here for the past 3 days, I thought I’d give my thoughts on the entirety of my trip ☺️. 

Let’s start with getting here: I took the megabus from Cardiff and then the Eurostar from London. What a nightmare! I left Cardiff on the 3:45am megabus, this did not arrive until 4:05am which is 20 minutes behind schedule. With the arrival time in mind (7:15am), I should now be arriving at around 7:35am and the Eurostar leaves at 8:55am, with a 9 minute tube journey this should be no problem at all! Anyway, I fell asleep on the coach up and woke up around 6:45am, so the first thing I did was check Google Maps to see how long we had left (should have been around 45 minutes), but I actually have 1 hour and 30 minutes until I arrive at Victoria coach station, perfect time to PANIC! 

But I don’t panic, I just wait, until 8 o’clock and realise I’m still on the megabus just arriving into London off the M4 and check-in closes in 30 minutes. Safe to say, I’m not going to make it. So I call the Eurostar and because I booked with Disney there is nothing they can do, so I call Disney, but they don’t open until 9am, brilliant news 😒! So I call Eurostar back and they advise that I can go to the help desk as London and pay £30 to exchange for a later train. this works and I get a new ticket for £30 and I am on my way to Paris. To think it’s only 9am, what a bloody morning! 

After a 3 hour train journey and 1 hour RER train, I am now at Disneyland Paris with my luggage on it’s way to the hotel, whilst I’m on my way to the park! 

I now have my park ticket: 

After going through security and scanning my ticket, I am now on Main Street. It’s smells of candy floss and popcorn, yes, Disney has a scent! 

As I entered Main Street I can see shops, shops and more shops, so yes you’re right, I went shopping! Before getting here, I knew I wanted everything Rapunzel themed for me and everything Star Wars themed for my boyfriend. After the first day, I had nothing with rapunzel on it *pulls sad face* and about 5 Star Wars gifts *thinking of the smile on my boyfriend’s face*. 

If you love Star Wars, they have the COOLEST stuff! You can build your own Droid for €10.99 (I’ve built 2), you can build your own lightsaber which is €29.99 for a single saber, they also have socks, underwear, clothes, toys, pens and so much more! Oh and also a Darth Vadar Mr Potato head. 

Whilst we’re talking about merchandise, let’s talk about Disney pins: I am extremely disappointed with the lack of Disney pins for sale, you will find one revolving stand in each shop and each shop has the same pins. I searched the whole of Disneyland Paris for a Rapunzel pin and couldn’t find one, then I go to the shop in the hotel and find 3! So it looks like the hotel shop is more Rapunzel friendly than the whole of Disneyland, bit random considering my hotel is Cars themed.

Let’s talk about the Santa Fe hotel: Like I mentioned, it’s Cars themed. I have traffic cones for lights on my wall and also a traffic cone lamp, I have Cars bedding and Cars wallpaper. As part of my package I only had breakfast included and to be honest, it’s not that great. They offer cereal, toast, croissants and a selection of different hams, but that’s about it. You have to put the toast in twice because the toaster doesn’t do it’s job properly, which is a bit annoying when you’re in a queue for the toaster. I’ve eaten 2 slices of toast and a croissant every day, so I wouldn’t rate the breakfast. It’s also only a 3 minute bus journey away from the park or a 10 minute walk. 

Now for an overall review: 

Disneyland Paris as a park, is amazing! The food and drinks are expensive, around €15.00 for hot dog and drink. The range of merchandise is outstanding (apart from the pins). The characters look amazing. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. The free bus services from park to hotels and hotels to park really comes in handy. The Disney Village is PHENOMENAL, it has the best Disney store, Lego shop, sports bar, Starbucks and McDonald’s! It’s also open until midnight every night and has tons of entertainment and food places to keep you going after the park has closed. The longest wait for a ride was a 120 minutes and this was Friday afternoon. 

I would highly recommend this trip to any Disney fan, but would recommend taking enough spending money and making sure you’re prepared for wet weather! I was lucky to get two dry days, but ended up getting fed up in the park whilst it was raining today. If you hate waiting ages for rides, you can take full advantage of being able to enter the park 2 hours before it opens at 10am, you can also wait until the main parade at 5:30pm and you will also find shorter queues just before the Disney Dreams start before the park closes! 

My next adventure will definitely be Walt Disney World in Florida and then my ultimate dream would have come true, but for now, here are some photos of my trip: 

Thanks for reading 🖤 


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