12938236_519445624906978_5510268142438207158_nHey you,

I shall start by thanking you for checking out my blog 😊

My name is Chanine and I am currently living in South Wales, yes the weather sucks, I know! I do live near a beach which is quite nice when we have sun but ‘when’ is definitely the key word here!

I have many hobbies which include;

  • Ice-skating
  • Building lego
  • PS4 – Uncharted is my game!
  • Stargazing (pretty much anything space related)
  • Listening to music (probably Chris Brown) 👌
  • Watching Interstellar – If you haven’t already watched it then you’re definitely missing out!

That’s only to name a few!

So I guess I’m going to end by telling you a bit about what you can expect from my blog. I will be talking about some of my hobbies in details, concert reviews (Chris Brown & Beyoncé this year), life journeys/obstacles and pretty much anything and everything I fancy talking about but I promise to make it as interesting as possible 😊!

Hope you enjoying reading my blogs and feel free to leave a comment!